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A simple, powerful order system

At the core of Project Groceries is a simple yet powerful ordering system that allows for scheduling orders, one-click ordering and more.

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Schedule Orders

Schedule orders ahead of time. Whether it's tomorrow, next week, or next term.

One-Click Ordering

By setting up your schedule, you can make orders for an entire week's lessons at the click of a button.

Auto Collation

As you make orders, a collated list of ingredients is automatically generated in a ready-to-print format.

Edit Orders

Order mistakes are easy to rectify. Just go to the order, make the change, and it will be reflected in the summary.

Recover Orders

With a 30 day grace period, any mistakenly deleted orders can be recovered at the click of a button.

Rich Order Data

Orders retain useful information such as the class, date, person, and recipe.

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Start with a commitment free 10 week trial. A member of our team will set up your school's account and help you upload recipes at no extra cost.

10 week trial. No credit card required. Or get a demo =>
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