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Project Groceries is a website designed for Home Economics teachers to make the job of food ordering easier and more streamlined.

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Is your current process too slow, or laborius?

Project Groceries brings the benefits of the web to your ordering system so you (or your students) can make orders anywhere, anytime.

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You can access the program anytime, anywhere, as a web application.

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Need to collate your orders? No worries. Project groceries collates orders for you.

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A groceries list is conventiently provided for when you are ready to purchase.

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All the features you need to simplify and streamline your food ordering process, with more on the way.


Orders in Project Groceries are made in classes. When you create a class, you and your students are then able to make orders for that class. It's that simple.


Project Groceries comes equipped with a default list of ingredients that you can order from. You can also create additional ingredients for your school.

Ingredients can be measured in one of 3 ways: by volume, by weight, or in discrete amounts. Ingredients measured by volume or weight can be ordered in many different units and still be collated. For example, an order of 2 cups and an order of 500 millilitres could be collated. Ingredients measured in discrete units are quite straight forward; you would, for example, be able to create a "cheese" ingredient measured in "slice" units.


Recipes allow you to save common orders that you make so ordering them is a breeze.


You can always see all the individual orders you have made. As a teacher, you can also see orders made by students in your classes.

If you make any erroneous orders there's no need to worry, you can always edit your orders after the fact. You can change the amount ordered, or the unit in which you made the order.

Learn the basics of Project Groceries

What is Project Groceries

Project Groceries is a website designed for Home Economics teachers to make the job of food ordering easier and more streamlined.

Signing Up

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Connecting To A School

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does my 30 day trial begin?

The 30 day free trial is actually linked to your school's account, not your personal account. The free trial begins when your school's account is first created and lasts for 30 days.

Can I add my own ingredients?

Project Groceries comes with a default list of ingredients, but you can always add your own. If there is an ingredient that isn't in the default list, or perhaps you want to measure an ingredient differently, adding an ingredient is a breeze. You just give the ingredient a name and choose how it is to be measured.

Will the recipes we create always be stored on Project Groceries for our school?

Yes. The recipes you create will be stored on Project Groceries for your school as long as you need them to be. Only teachers from your school will be able to create, edit, or delete recipes from your school. This also applies to ingredients, orders, and other data from your school.

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