Save time while managing food orders

Project Groceries saves teachers time by automatically adding up orders, managing recipes, and much more.

10 week trial. No credit card required. Or get a demo =>
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On average, an order took at least two hours per class, and the best part of a weekend for four classes. With Project Groceries it took less than ONE HOUR for all of my classes.

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Penny McIntyre
Darwin High School (2001-2019), NT
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Effortless Set Up

Interested in Project Groceries but don't have the time to look into setting up a new system? We've got you covered. All you need to do is give us some information and we'll handle the set up.

Is your school in SA? We can give your faculty an in-person demo!


Provide Information

Simply give us some information such as the teachers who will be using the platform, classes, and some recipes. We'll handle the rest.


Start Using the Program

You can then start using the program to streamline your food ordering process. There are plenty of support resources available whenever you need them.


Save Time

If you're happy with the program, you can start a subscription and we'll upload all your recipes for you.

Get Started withProject Groceries.

Start with a commitment free 10 week trial. A member of our team will set up your school's account and help you upload recipes at no extra cost.

10 week trial. No credit card required. Or get a demo =>
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Features for busy teachers.

At its core, Project Groceries is designed to save you time.

It all starts with an order

A simple yet powerful ordering system is the cornerstone of Project Groceries. You can order a custom set of ingredients or a recipe, schedule orders ahead of time, and so much more.

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Keep your recipes organised

Easily manage a growing collection of recipes. You can add something of your own, discover a shared recipe, or find something online. With Project Groceries, the internet is your recipe book!

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Built-in scheduling

We integrate your schedule with ordering features to make it more useful. Want to set the recipe for an upcoming lesson? Easy. How about making orders for the coming week's lessons at the click of a button? Done.

Project Groceries has reduced my ordering time by half and made it heaps easier getting ready for the weeks ahead and future scheduling.

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Rachel Martin, Hammond Park Secondary College, WA
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A Smarter Shopping List

No more manually calculating orders or fiddling with excel formulas. Get a collated list of ingredients that you can sort or filter as you need. Print when ready.

Shopping List

Everything & the kitchen sink

Project Groceries comes jam packed with all the functionality you need to start saving time, plus some things you didn't know you needed.

Unlimited Users

As a web application, any number of people can use the program at one time, from anywhere.


Stay organised with a simple and effective tagging system for ingredients and recipes.

Ingredient Costing

Automatically calculated costing for your orders, recipes, and shopping list.

One-Click Ordering

By setting up your schedule, you can make orders for an entire week's lessons at the click of a button.

Printable Agenda

The schedule page gives you a useful overview of the week's agenda in a ready-to-print format.

Share & Discover Recipes

Need some inspiration? You can discover recipes shared by teachers from other schools.

Unit Conversions

Project Groceries can calculate from cups to litres - or even grams - so you don't have to.

Manage Student Permissions

Permission settings give you fine-tuned control of student access in the program.